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How to advertise online gambling in 2020

by Oscar Chambers

Posted on 2020-08-04 10:46:45

Advertising online gambling websites has never been easy. You cannot advertise anything to do with gambling or gaming using Adsense, or popular social media channels, such as Facebook advertising or Instagram advertising. The number of available platforms for advertising online gambling websites and crypto gambling platforms is limited. There is hope, however. PTC advertisements offer a new way to advertise gambling websites and crypto gambling platforms to a wide audience of cryptocurrency users. The PTC audience is made up of people who are interested in using and spending cryptocurrency. There is a distinct crossover between cryptocurrency users and users of gambling websites. This renders PTC advertisements are a highly targeted format for online gambling platforms. Forget email marketing - that's so 2010. PTC advertisements offer a few advantages over email marketing. 1) PTC advertisements offer a lower cost per acquisition than email marketing. 2) PTC advertisements force the audience to spend time on the actual gambling website you are promoting (Usually > 30 seconds) 3) PTC advertisements increase the Alexa ranking for your website, thus improving SEO 4) PTC advertisements provide more robust analytics about which audiences respond well to your campaign So, it's obvious that PTC advertisements are a better format than email advertising for online gambling websites. The next question you should be asking is where you can get a PTC campaign for a good price, and achieve maximum results for your gambling website. That's easy - the place is https://ptc.network. You can start a campaign for your crypto gambling, or online gambling website for as little as $20. This will generate roughly 10,000 visits to your gambling website. Once you have completed this campaign, you will have a good idea of which PTC platform is performing best for your gambling website, using the robust analytics section of PTC Network. You can then target this PTC website directly and get even better results. You can get up to 20,000,000 unique visitors for $20,000/month, or as few as 10,000 visitors for $20/month using PTC Network