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PTC Advertising Reaching a Cryptocurrency Audience The New Way

by Oscar Chambers

Posted on 2020-08-03 11:40:30

Advertisers have a difficult time advertising cryptocurrency projects and businesses using traditional online media. Adsense does not allow the advertising of cryptocurrency projects or cryptocurrency businesses. You can't advertise gambling websites, or investment platforms using Adsense either. In fact, there are not many places you can advertise cryptocurrencies, ICOs, crypto-gambling websites or anything to do with cryptocurrency, altcoins, etc. However, a new advertising media called PTC (Pay to Click) Advertising has granted an entrance to cryptocurrency products into online advertising. PTC advertising is a new way to advertise cryptocurrency, gaming / gambling and investment products to a wide audience whose roots are firmly planted in cryptocurrency technology. PTC advertisements are a low cost, high reward advertising format, where the audience earns a small amount of money for participating. The PTC audience visits an "offer wall", on which PTC advertisements are displayed in a list. When the audience member clicks a PTC advertisement on the offer wall, they are redirected to another website. The audience member views the website for a required period (usually 30 seconds) and then gains a small reward for their participation. PTC advertisements generate a huge amount of traffic for a very low cost per visit, when compared to other online advertising formats such as banner and skyscraper adverts. PTC advertisements are also highly effective when used as a targeted format for projects involved in the cryptocurrency / technology space. There is a a direct crossover between the audience of PTC advertisements and investment programs, crypto-gambling websites, and faucet websites. If you would like to create a PTC advertisement for your project, you can do so on https://ptc.network for as little as $20.