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How to advertise cryptocurrency project in 2020

by Oscar Chambers

Posted on 2020-10-26 18:08:52

Cryptocurrency, finance and gambling advertising have long been taboo on most advertising platforms. You cannot advertise crypto, finance or gambling on Google, YouTube, or any of the mainstream social media platforms. There is a new way to advertise your cryptocurrency project in 2020. Welcome to PTC Advertising. PTC Advertising enables cryptocurrency projects to advertise to a highly targeted audience of cryptocurrency investors and users, all while showing a them more of your cryptocurrency project than banner advertising, or popunder advertising. Using PTC advertising, your audience views your website for up to a whole minute, before accessing a small reward for their viewership. PTC Advertising is proving a popular alternative form of advertising for cryptocurrency, finance and gambling projects, because it often produces a much higher ROI than traditional forms of advertising. Unlike the CPM or CPC model, PTC advertising uses a cost per visit model, with a single visit costing as little as $0.004 USD. That is equivalent to $0.40 Cost per 1000 visits to your website, with the added bonus engagement that comes with an extended viewership form the audience. If that wasn't enough, the viewer also digests far more content from their extended visit to the advertiser's website, by viewing the entire web page for an entire minute. This is in contrast to the slim banner ad that may appear on traditional websites, or the unwanted popunder ad that is quickly closed and disregarded. PTC advertising is proving to be one of the most effective advertising media for cryptocurrency, finance and gambling platforms.