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The best way to advertise cryptocurrency websites in 2020

by Barney Chambers

Posted on 2020-08-04 11:16:40

It is no secret that cryptocurrency is a dirty word in the advertising space. Advertising giants such a Facebook have completely banned the advertising of cryptocurrency products and services in the past. In this article, we look at the best ways to advertise your cryptocurrency business online in 2020. If you are running an ICO, wallet, cryptocurrency exchange, have a different cryptocurrency project or business, or indeed any other business that most advertisers consider “undesirable”, there are a few different ways you can generate leads to your website. The best way to advertise your cryptocurrency business is through Paid-to-click (PTC) advertising. PTC advertising is an advertising model that rewards the viewer of your advert with a small monetary reward. PTC advertising has had a resurgence in recent years, with the recent emergence of cryptocurrency. Millions of people worldwide are engaging with PTC adverts, and receiving a small amount of cryptocurrency as a reward for viewing your website. This advertising model is perfect for anyone who wants to advertise their cryptocurrency product or service, since the target audience is already aware of and interested in cryptocurrency. PTC advertising is often a lot cheaper than traditional banner advertising. A user can expect to pay around $5 per 1000 website visits, compared to a typical CPM of $2-10, which may result in a few website visits. In a traditional CPC advertising model, users may expect to pay between $2 and $200 per website visit, which is orders of magnitude more expensive than PTC advertising. Most PTC advertising websites are more flexible with the type of products and services you can advertise, when compared to traditional advertising networks such as Google Adsense. This flexibility allows gambling websites, cryptocurrency websites, ICOs and other blockchain companies to advertise effectively, without the risk of being banned. PTC websites are a cost effective way to generate leads for your cryptocurrency product or service, but there are a few things to remember when advertising your business this way. Firstly, not all PTC websites are created equal. Some PTC sites will offer you the option to target different geographic locations, whilst others will send you traffic from every country. If it is important to your organisation to filter traffic geographically, make sure that you choose a PTC website that offers this functionality. Many PTC websites offer the option to choose how long a user must view a PTC advert to receive a reward. If you choose a time of less than 30 seconds, search engines may consider a user to bounce from your website, which may negatively impact your SEO. It is best practice to choose a viewing duration above 30 seconds, to ensure the PTC viewers on your website are not considered as “bouncers”. Creating advertisements on PTC websites can be a slow process if you create your campaign on different websites manually. With ptc.network, you can create a campaign on over 100 PTC websites from a single place. When you make a campaign at ptc.network, a campaign manager will review your advertisement and set up your campaign on a large list of PTC websites on your behalf. This is the fastest and easiest way to launch a big PTC campaign, and drive thousands of new users to your business.